Shoot your TV

It’s that time of the Islamic year again… Ramadan, the most sacred of Islamic months, the most spiritual, and the single most important month of the Islamic calendar, it sets the spiritual mood of the coming year, by the process of renewal and religious rejuvenation, while giving the chance to atone for the past one.

Therefore the Observance of Ramadan through fasting, prayers and other religious and charitable deeds, is a crucial tradition for any practicing Muslim.

Yet, each and every year, the wide range of national and international TV channels are steadily and more furiously, targeting the Islamic world with a wide and gigantic array of TV shows, sitcoms, dramatic TV series, absurd soap operas, and talk shows, mostly all with no relation to religion whatsoever, if not at odds with it! And it gets worse, much worse in fact, with each passing year.

A quick look at the TV channels promos and ads would reveal that there are 50+ TV series scheduled for the holy month each ranging from 40 minutes to an hour per episode (+at least 20 minutes of consumer ads).

A full 24 hours day is not even enough, if one were to follow just half those TV series, not to mention the rest of the sitcoms and TV shows, and the WORKS!

So how and why this enormous amalgamation of TV material in this holiest of all months? And does it have to do with the spirit of the month?

Ramadan once the month of piety and repentance, has turned out to be THE month of entertainment and TV, and as we all now by now, entertainment is the close kin of consumerism, and consumerism is the illegal parent of advertising… so it comes as no surprise that advertisers and advertising agencies get into a hysterical frenzy during Ramadan. Entertainment on TV screens in Ramadan is a completion and a race because the revenues of advertising rise like no other time of the year, promoting things that we don’t need, or already have, even though we are supposed to consume much less than any other time of the year!

Television has become, quite simply, the greatest tool of mass manipulation and thought control civilization has ever seen, an incarnation of the myriad of myths, fables, fictions, story telling, theologies and all other forms of ‘bread and circus’. And it is through this holy month, where TV is supposed to be less relevant, that TV works even more efficiently as the sole controller of the Muslim masses. Ironic isn’t it?

In 1844 Karl Marx said that “Religion is the opium of the people,” and seemed to suggest that its abolition would bring true happiness.

His statement is often phrased in English as “Religion is the opiate of the masses,” implying that it is meant somehow for the common people, the lower and middle classes.

I don’t believe that this idea was ever true, at least not in the sense of true religion, but I do think that societies seem to find their own “opiates,” illusory dreams that distract us away from reality, holding us back, and preventing from our true purpose and capacity.

In this day and age, Mass media, in the form of TV, sports, movie industry and internet have most efficiently become the true opiate of the masses.

And it is through Ramadan that this addictive opiate seeks to control us the most.

So I invite you this Ramadan to: Switch off your TV… Shut it down… or just Shoot it!

As impossible as this may seem to a lot of you, I’m inviting you to give it a try, get rid of your addiction…

Switch your TV off… and boycott it!!! as well as any other distracting addictive entrainment utility!

And use the internet as least as possible…

Devote this month to Allah..

To yourselves… and to your families…

Live Ramadan as it was supposed to be…

A month of repentance and peace and tranquility…

Just give it a try… and I promise you will not regret it…

Ramadan Kareem to all of you


“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.
– Edward Bernays

“The role of the media in manufacturing consent is very well documented. The phrase, incidentally, is not mine. It is taken from the essays on democracy by Walter Lippmann, the leading American public intellectual of the 20th century. Walter Lippmann described the “manufacture of consent” as an innovation in the “art of democracy”. He recommended manufactured consent to control the “ignorant and meddlesome outsiders” — the general population — whose “function” in a democracy is to be “spectators”, not “participants” in making and implementing decisions. That is a standard theme among elite intellectuals from widely varying sociopolitical systems.”

– Noam Chomsky

Boyling out of control!

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, Lisa Schwarzbaum, Demi Moore (and of course Ashton Kutcher), Oprah, Patti Lupone, all brought to tears!!! Piers Morgan (“Britain’s got Talent” own judge!) offered Friday to kiss the Scottish charity worker, in an act of charity on his behalf! even Simon Cowell was touched by her! Well I wasn’t!

Susan Boyle can sing, hell, the woman has a golden voice, full stop! Some dreams come true, some don’t… hers did! so what?!!!

The Boyle sensation spiraling into madness

The Boyle-o-mania is spiraling into madness

Before you jump to conclusions, I don’t care enough about the subject to post about it… And I shouldn’t be posting about it! I should be posting about, say,  the US boycott of the UN racism conference
But instead I’m posting about her, why? Because I’m bothered by the media hype, and global Boyle euphoria, bothered enough to post on it…

Every website I log on to, especially the news ones, has at least two features about the frumpy 47-year-old, who has never been kissed… everyone is joining the global love parade, she has a fan website,  a fan page on facebook with 888,470 members (that’s 15,000 over Alicia Keys and 2,000 below Madonna!!!), she gained celebrity fans and millions of admirers, one of her YouTube clips has been viewed more than 12 million times and facebook and twitter are on fire, with status updates like: “Did you hear Susan Boyle yet?” “check out Susan Boyle on youtube” “i spent two hours listening to Susan Boyle on youtube”…. etc.  It’s all a bit too much, isn’t it? well… not just a bit, it’s bloody too much!!!

“I’m tired of how the media tells me who I should look up to” George Carlin said, and he was damn right!

I never watch American Idol, America’s got talent, Britain’s got talent, So you think you can dance?, or any of those talent freak shows! (not to mention Star Academy, the Arabic, more disturbing version)!

Because these “reality TV” fake shows, are all about exploiting people, and seeing how far they will go for money (ever watched the Running Man? Arnold’s 80s B-movie? It was about a man hunted down on a realtime TV show for money!).

On the other hand this Susan Boyle character really can sing (Yes, I confess, I did watch her on YouTube!), but she herself did the same thing, she exploited her look to awe the judges and highlight her voice, let’s face it: She is unpleasant to look at & she has been living on a planet where they think it’s alright for women to look like men (and not even pleasant looking men may I add)!

And she overplayed that to her advantage, she didn’t even get her hair done, before appearing on TV in front millions, why is that? Because hairdressers are so expensive to her? No, because she wanted the judges to overlook her and discard her as a nobody, so that when she sings, she’d blow them off their feet… which she did, and probably would still have done if she went there dressed like Monroe. But the  Wow effect was pretty much highlighted and accentuated by the initial cynicism.
She played her cards, and she won the Jackpot. Great for her…
As for the show: well, it’s been running for 3 years, it was bound to happen after thousands of auditions that someone with real talent would come up, amidst the thousands of half wits and twats who keep plaguing our TV sets! It’s a Talent Show in the first place, so when the show finally finds someone who is actually talented, why is that a surprise?!!!!

I honestly can’t see where the big deal is!
She can sing, period!

How did we find out?
Through a talent freak show… which she volunteered to appear on!

It’s not like she was singing by a lake in the woods, when the rich prince was passing, and immediately fell in love with her voice (now that would have been remarkable! Disgusting but remarkable nonetheless!!!).


The new beauty archetype? (AP Photo/Andrew Milligan-pa)

The new beauty archetype? (AP Photo/Andrew Milligan-pa)

Suddenly, the pop culture which tells us that talented people have to look super sexy, and which would probably have killed Beethoven’s talent just because he wasn’t “hip” enough to market, have collapsed… and with it’s collapse the world is alight with Susan Boyles’s image, fireworks illuminate the skies, choirs are singing, euphoria is in the air and dreams can come true again…

Well who said they can’t in the first place?! they can come true, they just don’t come true that often! And that’s the case today, just like it was a week ago… The “Boyle Dream” phenomenon does not prove anything! She’ll take her two minutes of fame, and then as anyone and anything else, she will slowly recede to the back page… while the media turns to the next attraction.

It is sad, but that’s just the way things are in these decaying times!