“No Mosque at ground Zero” but Racism & Bigotry are more than welcomed!!!

Apparently this is the slogan of this year’s 9/11 remembrance rally at WTC site, in New York, or else how can you explain why is Geert-Freak-Wilders a keynote speaker at the 9-11 Rally of Remembrance? Why? To have a better platform to spew his hate and racism? I thought it is a rally of Remembrance not a rally of Revulsion!!!

AND to the presenter: How was the WTC a monument to peace tolerance and Love??? As tragic as 9/11 was, this should not cloud our vision and make us paint things in a fake romantic simplistic view… at best WTC was a monument to commerce and capitalism…

Geert-Freak-Wilders is a Hero??? of what? A HERO OF HATE AND RACISM???
I would have loved if Pamela Geller didn’t “cut” her introduction, to know exactly what Freak Wilders personifies!!!

Abhorrence? Hatred? Revulsion? Bigotry? Intolerance?

In the “NO Mosque at Ground Zero” website they call Geert-Freak-Wilders a “Freedom Fighter” and indeed he is, he is one of the best people who FIGHT FREEDOMS!

This is the same man who proposed to ban Quran altogether from the Netherlands… he is the man behind “Fitna”, and he is clearly a role model of Hate… It’s only normal that he doesn’t see the stark irony of his end statement: In the name of Freedom, no mosque here!

Mr. Freak Wilders, rest assured, New York will never be like Mecca… Because MECCA IS SACRED GROUND TO MILLIONS, while New York is at best Sacred to Prada Shoppers!

Footnote: If you are an Egyptian and wanna feel shame and humiliation click on this YouTube link to watch Joseph Nassralla, Egyptian Coptic Christian make a fool of himself! What an utterly comical and disgraceful portrait of any Egyptian, Coptic or Christian for that matter!

NO MOSQUE HERE!: The Racism of the Mosque opponents exposed!

Rachel Sklar wrote in Mediaite.com

Let’s say up front that not everyone who opposes the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” (neither a mosque or at Ground Zero) is racist. There are many who disagree with the project on principled grounds. However, given the heated rhetoric surrounding the issue in recent weeks, it certainly stands to reason that an anti-Mosque protest would be the sort of gathering to which those with more…extreme…views might gravitate.

That was the case yesterday, at an anti-Mosque demonstration down in Lower Manhattan, when a black man walking through the crowd was the mistaken for a Muslim by the crowd — angrily.

The video, shot by amateur YouTube videographer, opens with chants of “No Mosque Here!” as it traces a black man wearing a white cap walking through the crowd. It’s not clear where he’s coming from or why the videographer had decided to film him, but the man seems to be trailed by a cameraman, a thin man who wanders behind him in a blue sweatshirt and what seems to be a woman hectoring him. He shoos her away angrily. There is a call of “coward!” “I’m not even Muslim!” he exclaims. Suddenly a big guy in a blue construction helmet is in his face. The chant of “No Mosque Here!” flares up again. The whole thing is very ugly and jarring.

“Wow, the crowd turned on him pretty fast,” says the videographer, who described it on YouTube like this:

A man walks through the crowd at the Ground Zero protest and is mistaken as a Muslim. The crowd turns on him and confronts him. The man in the blue hard hat calls him a coward and tries to fight him. The tall man who I think was one of the organizers tried to get between the two men.

So – was this guy one of the Mosque organizers? A secret terrorist? A secret Muslim? A non-secret Muslim? Nope, not according to the videographer: “Later I caught up with the man who’s name is Kenny. He is a Union carpenter who works at Ground Zero. We discussed what a scary moment that was for him. I told him that I hoped it did not ruin his day.”

Can’t see how that moment of angry group racism by an angry mob converging on him threateningly wouldn’t ruin his day! Incidentally, according to the Daily News, there were two separate demonstrations yesterday about the Mosque — one for and one against — that had nothing to do with each other. They were each held separately, two blocks from each other. Wait a second, one thing in Lower Manhattan can be two blocks from another thing and not have anything to do with each other? Insanity!

Watch the video below:

The New York Times article on this rally describes similar incidents, including how a student who carried a sign that simply read “Religious tolerance is what makes America great” was threatened and told that “that if the police were not present, [he] would be in danger.”

That sums it up about as well as anything I’ve heard.  Nothing related to Muslims should be near Ground Zero, because it was Muslims generally – not the handful of extremists – who flew the planes into those buildings. This campaign is nothing different than all of the standard, definitively bigoted efforts to hold entire demographic groups of people responsible for the aberrational acts of a small percentage of individual members. This whole controversy is exactly what disgust me.

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