Mounir, Vodafone & the destruction of the Old Idols

The King is dead…. Long live the people!

Yesterday, Vodafone released its new TV ad featuring Mounir, (el King), the legendary Egyptian Singer. The ad. Is very professionally done, and capitalizes on Mounir’s legacy, going through his journey from the beginning of his “dream” to become a musician, till he became one of the Middle East’s most acclaiming names, ending with the following statement:

“All what is imposed, is refused, prove to the world that you exist”

كل المفــــروض مــرفـــوض .. اثـــبت للعـــالم انك مــوجــود
A powerful statement that goes along the lines of “Inspirational” ads. that Vodafone have been releasing all through the last year or so, under the slogan “Power to you”. (Remember JWT/Vodafone Adel Emam Revolution ad fiasco?).

So where is the news there?

Well, despite the ad’s strong visual and image, the ad remains weak and irrelevant today, because to me, in the post revolution Egypt, it’s message is obsolete! Right now, the real star is the people, the Egyptian nation, not some celebrity trotting around and telling us that we have the power! Well, dahhh! Of course we have the power, we proved it a year ago Mr. Mounir, and happens to be, that you weren’t there to witness it!

So, the ad Inspiring as it is supposed to be, inspired only one feeling in me… That is the feeling of revulsion and disgust!

To me this ad is the final fig leaf to fall off Mounir’s naked, commercial, fake and cheap character! And it is sad, because one day I loved the artists and thought that he stands for something! Another broken Idol, falls to the ground…Why is that?

Because all through last year, Mounir was shimmering and yammering, singing about how amazing Etisalat is!

And now he sells his history to market for Vodafone! Doesn’t that defy some basic law of ethics and morality??? Does he have no shame or self-respect whatsoever???

Even the ad statement or slogan lacks any credibility, because that, coming from someone who didn’t partake in the revolution or support it any way whatsoever is extremely fake and vile!

The take out of the ad to me is this:
I will sell myself to highest bidder!

So as Vodafone scored a point over Etisalat, after Etisalat walked away with Al Ahly sponsorship, Mounir on the other hand lost a hell of a lot, he lost his credibility, integrity and meaning! Something which, judging by the following video, he apparently doesn’t put much value on it!

Well then, I’m waiting for Mobinil’s next ad featuring Mounir doing a lap dance!