“No Mosque at ground Zero” but Racism & Bigotry are more than welcomed!!!

Apparently this is the slogan of this year’s 9/11 remembrance rally at WTC site, in New York, or else how can you explain why is Geert-Freak-Wilders a keynote speaker at the 9-11 Rally of Remembrance? Why? To have a better platform to spew his hate and racism? I thought it is a rally of Remembrance not a rally of Revulsion!!!

AND to the presenter: How was the WTC a monument to peace tolerance and Love??? As tragic as 9/11 was, this should not cloud our vision and make us paint things in a fake romantic simplistic view… at best WTC was a monument to commerce and capitalism…

Geert-Freak-Wilders is a Hero??? of what? A HERO OF HATE AND RACISM???
I would have loved if Pamela Geller didn’t “cut” her introduction, to know exactly what Freak Wilders personifies!!!

Abhorrence? Hatred? Revulsion? Bigotry? Intolerance?

In the “NO Mosque at Ground Zero” website they call Geert-Freak-Wilders a “Freedom Fighter” and indeed he is, he is one of the best people who FIGHT FREEDOMS!

This is the same man who proposed to ban Quran altogether from the Netherlands… he is the man behind “Fitna”, and he is clearly a role model of Hate… It’s only normal that he doesn’t see the stark irony of his end statement: In the name of Freedom, no mosque here!

Mr. Freak Wilders, rest assured, New York will never be like Mecca… Because MECCA IS SACRED GROUND TO MILLIONS, while New York is at best Sacred to Prada Shoppers!

Footnote: If you are an Egyptian and wanna feel shame and humiliation click on this YouTube link to watch Joseph Nassralla, Egyptian Coptic Christian make a fool of himself! What an utterly comical and disgraceful portrait of any Egyptian, Coptic or Christian for that matter!