Hookers and Balls!

So Egypt lost to the USA in the Confederations Cup, after winning over Italy, and playing “honorably” in front of the legendary Brazil… hmm, big deal! why is this even news?!

The Egyptian team making fools of themselves!

The Egyptian team making fools of themselves!

Sports should be kept in the realm of practice! it is not some military victory (or defeat) that people should cheer about or rally behind! The fact that people do exactly that all around the world does not mean that it is right!

But it is a fact of life, and I came to accept it, I don’t challenge it (at least not anymore), if people want to hang mindlessly over the motion of a small round object in a green field, and pay ridiculous amounts of money to those who play with it… it’s their deal, I on the other hand avoid watching or getting involved in this mindless hype at all cost (Yes, I haven’t watched any of the above mentioned matches)

But honestly today I’m finding it entertaining for the first time!!!

Why?! because there is a controversy surrounding it! Apparently news leaked about the Egyptian Team members getting robbed, while living it up in Johannesburg, and now the media is at ablaze over the situation!

SundayWorld front Page

SundayWorld front Page

SundayWorld a south African newspaper, ran an article about it and featured it on its first page (above). and it seems that when the team were asked about the incident in a news conference, they neither confirmed or denied it!

After the game, Amr Adeeb ran the news on his talk show, hinting that this may actually be why the Egyptian team lost the game in the first place, which turned the whole world (at least the world of the Egyptian mindless mob!) against him, on the other hand Al Youm Al Sabe’ confirmed the news, defended Amr Adeeb and requested and official investigation in the incident.

Meanwhile in my office and on the street, everyone is feeling depressed and shamed today, over yesterday’s GAME, while I’m laughing my *** off! I think they all forgot that it is just a “GAME”, and hung some sentiment of pride and nationalism on it, as if winning it would mean that we are still of some global worth and that there is still Hope for  Egypt!

How ridiculous??!
Don’t misunderstand me, I’m patriotic (very patriotic may I add) but I just choose where to place my devotion, and it is certainly not hanging on anyone’s Ball-s!

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