1+2+5+2 = 10 H1N1 !!!

Al Youm Al Sabea’ (The 7th Day) reports:

“In a rapid development of the spread of swine flu virus in Egypt, the Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday the discovery of two new confirmed swine flu infections, bringing the number of people infected with the disease to ten cases and moving the infection reach to Alexandria.

Epidemic ahead?

Epidemic ahead?

The first case is an engineer working for an oil company in Cairo (Probably GAPCO, Maadi). He was suffering symptoms of the flu after arriving from the United States on June 7, he began to suffer symptoms on June 9,  he was tested and upon the confirmation moved to quarantine.

The second case an Egyptian citizen and resident of the United States of America, who arrived to Alexandria on June 4, and began suffering from flu symptoms on June 8, upon which he was admitted to a hospital in Alexandria, where he was tested for the new virus and found positive, the test results were confirmed by the central labs of the Ministry of Health in Cairo.

The announcement f the new cases came in an official statement by the ministry, bringing the total infected cases in Egypt to 10 cases.”

One thought on “1+2+5+2 = 10 H1N1 !!!

  1. so if al of the infections are from ppl comnig from the USA, (No offince) but we will have to stop any flight coming from there till w make sure that all of the passengers are clean of the virus, may be put them in a quaranti for a week. just in case

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