Breaking News: Swine Flu (H1N1) in AUC Campus

Al Arabiya have confirmed the circulating news that two cases of Swine flu appeared among the students of AUC and that the AUC campus will be under quarantine for seven days.


“The Ministry of Health in Egypt Monday announced the infections of two students in the American University in Cairo with the Swine flu.  
Dr. Abdul Rahman Shaheen – the official spokesman of the Ministry of Health – announced the emergence of 2 new cases of H1N1 virus, noting that the 2 students have just arrived from a visit to the United States of America, where they were isolated for suspicion of Avian flu infection, and the tests undertook by the central laboratory proved it was Swine flu instead.

 Shaheen also announced to Egyptian television that the ministry is  examining all the contacts of the students to make sure they are free from the H1N1 virus. On the other hand, Shaheen also announced in an official  statement late Sunday, the isolation of 13 people suspected of being infected with the Swine flu, 7 of which were quarantined in Abbasiyah hospital, samples are being taken to the central Ministry of Health labs to verify if the isolated persons are in fact infected or not.

Shaheen said in a statement late Sunday that the ministry of cases that have been seized, including 7 hospital fevers Abbasiyah”
“The dorms of the American University in Cairo has been put under quarantine for seven days Monday after two U.S. students were diagnosed with swine flu, health and university officials said.
The two cases were discovered Sunday night after the students exhibited flu-like symptoms and tested positive for the virus, they were hospitalized, said a Health Ministry statement.

“The building and the people inside it have been put under supervised quarantine, their temperatures are being been checked, and swabs have been taken from their throats and mouth and sent to laboratories,” said Nasser el-Sayyed, an assistant health minister in the statement.

“Some others have exhibited high temperatures and sore throats,” he added. The ministry said that there were 234 people in the dorm, including 110 students from 10 different countries and they would be checked daily over the coming week.

AUC issued a statement saying that classes will be suspended until Sunday while the graduation ceremony scheduled June 16 and 18 will be held as planned.”

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(This page is constantly bening updated, visit back soon for more news updates)

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