The Swine flu arrives to Egypt

Despite the massacre of the pigs! Hatem el-Gabali announced today, the ARRIVAL of swine flu to Egypt


Minister of Health Dr. Hatim al Jabali announced the discovery of the first case of swine flu (h1n1) in a 12-year-old girl Egyptian with American citizenship, arriving from the United States through one of the European airports, he said she reached the Cairo airport on Monday 1/6/2009 at dawn on, via a global airline company, with her mother who is also a U.S. citizen to spend summer vacation in Egypt.

“The first case of swine flu is a 12-year-old Egyptian girl holding US citizenship. She arrived in Egypt via a European airport on June 1,” al-Jabali announced.

The airport authorities quarantined the girl, after Suspecting she has the flu, because of her high temperature. Initial examination showed that the child was suffering from runny nose since 30/5/2009, and therefore the authorities transported the girl and her mother to an isolation facility in a hospital in Cairo.

At the hospital, samples taken from the girl and her mother and sent to the central labs of the Ministry of Health and the NAMRU -3 laboratories, confirmed the girl’s infection with the virus, while the mother’s tests shown no sign of infection. The girl’s body temperature was 39 degrees Celsius, and suffered from a sore throat, but did not suffer any symptoms of respiratory disorders. She was given the Tamiflu drug, and is now in stable condition

Dr. Hatim al Jabali announced the case in an emergency press conference held by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday.

He asserted that the airport security have taken all measures to check all passengers on the same flight, for signs of an outbreak, and while all 145 passengers were found free from any symptoms, they will be kept under close surveillance and at their residences.



The Minister of Health refused to make any further comments about the infected girl, but outside sources have affirmed that the child came from the United States on a flight that stopped in the Dutch capital Amsterdam more than 12 hours where she was checked, but she did not show signs of infection.

The Minister of Health called on all citizens to take extra care of sanitation and personal hygiene and to follow all precautions announced previously by the Ministry, to avoid infection of the Swine flu. Adding that the current situation does not require taking any extraordinary measures.
So far, WHO identified  62 countries as having Swine flu cases, with the addition of nine more countries; Venezuela, Vietnam, Paraguay, Libya, Austria, Bahamas, Cyprus & Hungary.

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