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APTOPIX Mexico Swine Flu

The BBC quoted a top UN health chief as Saying: “The world is well prepared for virus” in response to the new swine flu virus Outbreak!!!

What is this crap?! When was the world ever prepared for an outbreak?! And How is the world “prepared”??? By wearing sanitary masks to work?

I for one, being part of the world, am not prepared for a virus, I usually like my viruses well done and this one seems like medium rare!

But the virus couldn’t care less about the world’s preparation levels! It comes along anyways!

So how, may I ask, did the world get prepared for this epidemic, MR. UN TOP HEALTH OFFICIAL? Did the collective body of the world get a vaccine? Or did NASA inject the planet with anti bodies via a massive space syringe?

I was not notified about these “preparations”!!!

A virus outbreak is a natural disaster, followed usually by massive human causalities, Global panic, and an abundance of tragedies on both National and personal levels!

How is anyone prepared for that? No one is ever prepared for that, and it doesn’t need a “Top UN Health Official” to figure that out!

Let me enlighten you about some facts:

Spanish flu memorial

Spanish flu memorial

In 1918 a new strain of flu virus broke out, the Spanish flu pandemic, which is considered the most devastating outbreak of modern history. It infected up to 40% of the world’s population and killed from 20 to 100 million people!!!

In 1957, the Asian flu killed two million people. Caused by a human form of the virus, H2N2, combining with a mutated strain found in wild ducks.

And again in 1968, another outbreak caused by a strain known as H3N2, killed up to one million people globally.

So far the new-never-before-seen version of the H1N1 strain might prove deadlier than all the above!

So to say that the world is prepared for it, is to say that the world is prepared: to lose a couple of 10 million lives! And although the world can do without some of the morons out there, still we are never prepared for this type of massive life loss!

But it occurs nonetheless!

So I say: Relax, don’t panic, sit down and enjoy the show!

Economic meltdowns, Recession, Earthquakes, Suicide bombings, Somali Pirates (YES, real pirates, in the 21st century, filthy aggressive pirates and not cool ones like Johnny Depp and the Diseny pirates), Nuclear threats, Epidemics and Pandemics!  It just keeps getting better and better… it is way better than Armageddon type movies! Becuase it’s all happening at once! Imaginative, shot in real time, and not to mention REAL suffering (and let’s not forget the soundtrack by Susan Boyle)!!!

The World is not prepared for anything, the World is falling apart! and since you can’t do anything to stop it… well, then enjoy it!

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