Finding EMO!

Two days ago, I watched a very troubling talk show on TV about a new “trend” that’s taking hold among Egyptian youth. The talk show featured a TV presenter, a Therapist and three appalling looking young “males” (not men) with long black curls brushed across most of their faces and black clothing all over.

emo boys

emo boys

They were talking about themselves and defending their style and lifestyle in front of the TV presenter’s attacks, and they kept referring to themselves as EMOZ! They were EMOZ and proud!!

I’ve been seeing them around lately, in cafes, and night spots, but I never knew it was part of a bigger movement. Naïve me, I thought they were just following a new abhorring and disgusting western trend, turns out, I was wrong! I was very wrong…

In the teenagers never-ending quest to be misunderstood, a new trend have surfaced and as usual rapidly been exported to our shallow and western infatuated youth, Say hello to EMO! (not EMOZ as they were calling themselves in the TV show, I blame their bad English).

The EMO trend is described by FTV as the next big thing. So what exactly is an EMO?

I decided to dig into it on the web and here is what I found…

Emo as Music

The Wikipedia defines Emo as “a style of rock music typically characterized by melodic musicianship and expressive, often confessional lyrics. It originated in the mid-1980s hardcore punk movement, where it was known as “emotional hardcore” or “emocore”. As the style was echoed by contemporary American punk bands, its sound and meaning shifted and changed, blending with pop punk and indie rock. By the mid 1990s numerous EMO acts emerged as a new trend among youngsters, and several independent record labels began to specialize in the style.

Emo broke into mainstream culture in the early 2000s with the platinum-selling success of Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional and the emergence of the more aggressive subgenre “screamo”. In recent years the term “emo” has been applied by critics and journalists to a variety of artists.”


The answer is this: Emo means different things to different people. Short for “emotive” or “emotional” (depending on whom you ask), emo being amorphous enrages those loyal to their version. But in the ever-mutating virus we know as American pop culture, emo definition extends to mean a vast array of Musical, fashion, fake-ideological, suicidal and sub-cultural movements .

Today emo is commonly tied to both music and fashion as well as an inspiration toward the emo subculture ,and the term “emo” is sometimes stereotyped with tight jeans on males and females alike, long fringe (bangs) brushed to one side of the face or over one or both eyes, dyed black, straight hair, tight designer t-shirts, studded belts, belt buckles, canvas sneakers or skate shoes or other black shoes and thick, black horn-rimmed glasses.

This fashion has been characterized as a fad, fake and shallow. Early on, emo fashion was associated with a clean cut look but as the style spread to younger teenagers, the style has become darker, with long bangs and emphasis on the color black replacing sweater vest In recent years the popular media have associated emo with a stereotype that includes being emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, or angst-ridden. It is also associated with depression, self-injury, self-mutilation and suicide.

Emo as fashion statement

The Urban Dictionary says “EMO is one step below transvestite”!!! but we don’t wanna go that far, now do we?

For major labels, emo became the grunge of the new millennium. The original bands inspired by Fugazi’s art-over-commerce spirit either split up or changed direction. But that didn’t matter. Emo morphed into anything mopey and marketable.

trendy fashion?

trendy fashion?

EMO became the sanctuary for kids who feel like outsiders, and an insult tossed out by those who believe themselves stronger and better then emo geeks.

In a fashion sense, the new emo is the perfect outlet for white feeble superficial teens to try on dark personalities, and try to look tormented, miserable and original.

Emo as a sub-culture

suicidal or looking for attention?

suicidal or looking for attention?

The Emos regard themselves as a cool, young sub-set of the Goths. Although the look is similar, the point of distinction is their celebration of self-harm and mutilation.

Emos exchange competitive messages on their teenage websites about the scars on their wrists and how best to display them.

self-mutilation as a way of expression

self-mutilation as a way of expression

Any instant Emo Kit site, gives it’s visitors advice on how to become an emo, and the advice is always somewhere along these lines: Wear a child’s T-shirt with a slogan such as ‘Unhappy Kid’, dye your hair black and cover your face with it and drive a Vespa, but above all, ‘show your inner despair by looking like you are too sad to live.’ And this is where the drive for self mutilation stems.

Emo in EGYPT! (turned by it’s own followers into EMOZ)

To fashion labels EMO is just another way to con the ever-confused teens out of their money, and they don’t care that the association of this fashion cult, makes teens become suicidal and tend to self mutilate. But as the emo sub-culture (like any other trend) was exported to the mindless is Egyptian youth, it gained a new edge.

The ones I seen on TV were not clean cut, actually they were far from it. They looked like a greasy and sleazy form of genderless creatures. They looked like a new version of Tamer Hosny (the greasiest person alive to date) morphed into a Nu-Goth, and that was such a disturbing notion that it gave me the creeps.

On the TV show, these EGY-EMOZ, tried to associate themselves with an American web-based nonprofit help group, called “To write love on her arms”, aimed at helping teenagers who are depressed and those who turn to self mutilations. Now I have searched the group’s website in any relation between the emo trend and the group, and found none!

And my question is: Why does She have to write anything in her arms?!!

The answer to depression and self mutilation, is not becoming an EMO, the answer is a better understanding of life and getting closer to God. But if that’s too conventional for you, or too corny! Turn on Dr. Phil, or any of those self-help, self-love gurus or read a book!

man or hermaphrodite?

man or hermaphrodite?

EMO is just a new cool look, that is asexual and hermaphrodite, which is against our nature and ethics of our society and culture. These idiotic androgynous are following a trend they don’t even believe in or understand.

A trend devised by white geeky Americans who love to feel bad about themselves. People who are so shallow that they think that being sophisticated means being miserable. Well to those EGY-EMOZ down here; lads, we don’t need that, we have all the reasons to be miserable as it is, no need to be depressed about yourself.

One of the most annoying characteristics of teenagers is their refusal to open their curtains. Their world is almost always dark and airless. If this environment is coupled with the shallowness, ignorance, the psychological traits of self-pity, introspection, self-dramatization and the teenage hormonal imbalance, you have a suicidal cult who are ready to damage themselves and there community.

The loss of identity our teenagers (and non-teenagers alike) suffer from is so severe. Some of them follow any bizarre trend in a futile attempt to be unique and original. If these trends are not addressed by the cultured society and intellects, the result can be catastrophic; either these teens will drift away even further, effectively ruining their lives and their communities, or there will be a governmental crackdown on those cults (like the Satanics fiasco of the 90’s) which will also have severe effects on these teens and the teenage generation in general.

When it comes to music (and life in general), I would like to consider myself open-minded. I am always eager to discover new trends, and I would never criticize a person for having different interests. Except when it comes to those emoz kids. They are embarrassing to look at, and the music is just pure crap.

So if you still want to be an EMO go write some bad poetry. But please, Save us the nausea and don’t walk around looking like sissies.

Egyptian military students attack a Police station!!!

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BBC: Egypt army cadets attack police

Tuesday, 10 March 2009
Magdi Abdelhadi, BBC Arab Affairs Analyst, wrote:

“Egyptian army cadets in plain clothes have been filmed pelting a police station with stones in a town south of the capital Cairo.

Mobile phone footage was posted by Misrdigital, a blog campaigning against police brutality and corruption.

One sequence showed the cadets trying to overturn a car, said to belong to the chief district police officer.

They were reportedly taking revenge for the alleged abuse by the police of one of their colleagues.

Newspaper editors have told the BBC they received clear orders from the army not to publish any details of the incident, which happened on Sunday evening.

The army remains an off-limit topic for an otherwise vociferous independent media in Egypt. Those who violate the taboo can risk imprisonment….

One commentator, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the incident showed the extent of chaos in Egypt, where even army cadets who are supposed to show restraint and discipline can behave like a mob. It also showed that extent of resentment all Egyptians, including members of the armed forces, feel toward the police in Egypt, he added.”

The Police station is located in 15th of Mayo, South of Cairo.

Sober’s Comment:

These are the future safe-keepers of Egypt and it’s glorious army, attacking an Egyptian police station inside Egypt!
If that’s not the highest act of treason, then what is?

And how does the government re-act? by banning the newspapers from writing about the incident! Democracy at it’s best!


This is a video of products that are in development now and should be available in ten years from now. It would be pretty cool, if it comes true. Unfortunately it’s all hypothesized by Microsoft Office Labs, meaning if these things actually become reality, they’re going to be a serious pain to use.

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Al Bashir convicted of war crimes

Al Bashir giving a speech amoung supporters

Al Bashir giving a speech amoung supporters

I found it peculiar that no one of I know have commented on the International Criminal Court arrest warrant against Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese president.

Al-Bashir was indicted last Wednesday by the ICC at The Hague in the Netherlands for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Darfur, this is an unprecedented accusation, because it is the first against a sitting president. The ICC found al-Bashir guilty on seven counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, which include murder, rape and torture.

Darfur Protests

Darfur Protests

Al Jazeera reports:
“Al-Bashir has rejected the warrant, telling thousands of his supporters in Khartoum, the capital, on Thursday that Sudan was being targeted by Western powers and that the ICC was a tool of colonialists after Sudan’s oil.

Protesters carried banners branding Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the ICC’s chief prosecutor, a criminal.”

Genocide in the making

Genocide in the making

In October 2008 : The UN estimated that up to 300,000 people have died in Darfur and some 2.5 million have fled their homes since 2003.

I’m not against the ICC decision, as much as I am questioning it’s motives.

I’m actually with the warrant, but I ask, why now?

The people of Darfur have undergone a terrible tragedy, but they have been undergoing this tragedy for a long time now… and as usual the world was watching… the Darfur tragedy started almost 15 years ago, and peaked in 2003 (thats 6 years ago)… it took the UN 2 years to prepare a report about, which came out in the beginning of 2005, and said that the UN can not label Darfur conflict as genocide because “genocidal intent appears to be missing”!!!

Not the UN's Business?

Not the UN's Business?

The United States, Britain and the European Union have repeatedly condemned the atrocities taking place in Darfur, but yet they never ACT-ed to stop it.

It wasn’t until October 2006, that the UN sent 200 troops (thats right, Two hundred!!!) to reinforce the pathetic 7,000, African Union troops, in Darfur.

Now, after an estimated three million people have been displaced and more than 300,000 have been killed, the ICC and UN remember to act? why now?

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On the other hand, Sudan has not ratified the Rome Statute (just like who? the USA of course), meaning that the ICC can not investigate crimes that may have taken place in Darfur (as much as they can not investigate crimes that took place in Iraq).

Yet still I’m not against the ICC arrest warrant…

My question is not whether the al Bashir should be prosecuted or not, apparently the ICC have already reached a decision on that; my question is, how many Iraqis died in the same period by the hands of the American liberators? Why is there no International movement to prosecute those responsible for the Iraqi tragedy?

I’m questioning the bias of the World Order, the double sidedness of it, and it’s constant failure to act until the harm is done and the tragedy is history that apparently no one learns from…

Till when will the rule of the law be applied to the poor only, not only on a national level, but on a global one too



Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi Al-Shareif: Qasidat al-Burdah (Poem of the Mantle)

Zed's Burdah Desktop Wallpaper

Zed's Burdah Desktop Wallpaper

On a day like this, 570 CE, in a small town called Mecca, a man was born, a man who’s destiny it was to change the face of earth, forever.

A man, whom even before his prophet-hood started, was known for his goodness, honesty, kindness, trustworthiness and righteousness.

40 years later, he received divine revelation from God, and embarked on a journey of faith that changed the history of humanity and spread light in the hearts of those who before him lived in darkness.

Today the day of the birth Muhammad (PBH), The bearer of the Book of God (Quran), and his prophet and messenger. Muhammad, al-Bashir, al-Nazir, al-Mudhakkir, al-Shahid, al-Mubashshir), al Dā‘ī, al-Muzzammil, al-Muddaththir, al-Mostafa, the “Seal of the Prophets”.

In commemoration of our Prophet (PBH), here is an exempt of Qasidat al Burdah, By Imam al-Būṣīrī (1212-1296) of Egypt, which he wrote in the praise of Muhammad (PBOH). The poem, whose actual title is al-Kawākib ad-Durrīya fī Madḥ Khayr al-Barīya (“Celestial Lights in Praise of the Best of Creation”).

هو الحبيب الذي ترجى شــــــــفاعته

لكل هولٍ من الأهوال مقتحـــــــــــــــم

دعا إلى الله فالمستسكون بــــــــــــه

مستمسكون بحبلٍ غير منفصـــــــــــم

فاق النبيين في خلقٍ وفي خُلــــــــُقٍ

ولم يدانوه في علمٍ ولا كـــــــــــــــرم

وكلهم من رسول الله ملتمـــــــــــسٌ

غرفاً من البحر أو رشفاً من الديـــــمِ

وواقفون لديه عند حدهـــــــــــــــــم

من نقطة العلم أو من شكلة الحكـــــم

فهو الذي تـ ــــــم معناه وصورتـــــــه

ثم اصطفاه حبيباً بارئُ النســــــــــــم

منزهٌ عن شريكٍ في محاســـــــــــنه

فجوهر الحسن فيه غير منقســـــــــم

دع ما ادعثه النصارى في نبيهـــــم

واحكم بماشئت مدحاً فيه واحتكــــــم

وانسب إلى ذاته ما شئت من شــرف

وانسب إلى قدره ما شئت من عظــــم

فإن فضل رسول الله ليس لـــــــــــه

حدٌّ فيعرب عنه ناطقٌ بفــــــــــــــــــم

مولاي صلــــي وسلــــم دائمـــاً أبــــدا

علـــى حبيبــــك خيــر الخلق كلهـم

يــــارب بالمصطفى بلغ مقاصدنـــا

واغفر لنا ما مضى يا واسع الكرم

And Below is an excellent documentary on the celebrated poem of Imam al-Busiri (RA). It features Shaykh Hamza Yusuf and Shaykh Abdal-Hakim Murad.

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About the Poem:

The Qasidat al-Burdah has had a great impact upon the history of the qasida genre as a whole. No other Arabic poem has been more frequently recited, translated, imitated or commented upon in so many languages of the Islamic world. The Qasidat al-Burdah, is al-Busiri’s most famous poem, which he wrote in praise of the Prophet Muhammad (PBH). Its appellation “al-Burdah”, meaning a mantle of woollen cloth in Arabic, refers to another highly esteemed poem in praise of Muhammad which is known after its opening words as “Banat Su´ad” and was composed by Ka`b b. Zuhayr. After the recitation Ka`b received, as a reward for his poem, the Prophet’s mantle. It is said that when al- Busiri, some 650 years later, suffered a stroke and remained semi-paralysed, the Prophet appeared to him in dream guise, touched him with his hand and threw his mantle over his shoulders. al- Busiri was instantly cured and set about to compose his poem called, in reference to this miraculous healing, the “Ode of the Mantle”.

The Burda is divided into 10 chapters and 160 verses. Interspersing the verses is the refrain, “My Master, descend peace and blessings continuously and eternally on Your Beloved, the Best of All Creation” (Arabic: مولاي صلي و سلم دائما أبدا على حبيبك خير الخلق كلهم). Each verse ends with the Arabic letter mīm, a style called mīmīya.

All Peace, Praise, and Salut Allah be on Him, Muhammad (PBH) Our Prophet and Guider.

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