What is this nothing?!


“Everything is Nothing”
“True… but if everything is nothing, don’t you agree that nothing is everything?”
“NO! just because our world is turning to nothingness, doesn’t mean that nothingness is the world!”
“But everything has always been nothing… and nothing is never anything!”
“Wrong again, Nothing wasn’t always everything! Some things used to mean something!”
“Errrrr! You are starting to confuse me! But again I disagree, Nothing was always the governing rule… everything is heading for nothing, and nothing is the eventual end of everything!”
“Well then nothing is something in itself!”
“If Nothing is the end of everything, that means that nothing is the norm! the natural state of anything is nothing, it is the state that everything (being not being at rest because it is not nothing) aspires and fights to be in, and this is why everything is heading to nothing…”
“Ok, so?”
“And since the end of everything must mean something then nothing, being the ultimate end of everything must be something in it’s own self…”
“who said that the end of everything must mean something?! Why can’t it mean nothing?”
“Because, if it means nothing, then we’re nothing!”
“And what’s wrong with that? Who told you that we are anything or something?”
“You think that our existence means nothing?!”
“No! but I’m asking why should it mean anything?!”
“Because else wise it would mean nothing!”
“and whats wrong with that?”
“Do you know what our existence means?”
“Then maybe it means nothing… and maybe nothing means something… and maybe nothing just means nothing… and maybe nothing means everything…….”


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